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Il Basilico owners, Anna and Sal Di Pierno, opened their Italian Trattoria in 2006. Their Italian food expertise began during childhood in Naples, Italy, where they grew up learning authentic dishes alongside their Mother, Mama Pia. 

Sal became a Chef in Italy. He has honed his skills in specialized pizza and bread. His creativity shows in the unique pizzas he presents daily. Sal also believes in offering “Slow Food”, which is the art of dining and savoring food through several, slowly presented courses.   

After gaining authentic Southern Italian cooking knowledge from home, Anna attended Culinary School in Naples. She specializes in “Modern Cuisine”, healthy and organic approaches to meals, and yet her delectable desserts exemplify her love affair with food!

Their combined creative talents drive them to continue to offer “American Traditional Italian” food, which was made popular in the United States by Americans with an Italian heritage.

They remain passionate about food being a “State of Mind” which not only develops sweet memories, but also develops an immediate culinary delight to the palate. They long for customers to linger, and experience Italy!